What to Expect at Shane's Sporting Clays

We have been in this business since 1987 and we're the 1st Sporting Clays Range in the State.  We know you will have a great time, either as an individual coming to shoot or as a family or group gathering.  We encourage and expect all shooters on our range to be safe!  Here are some things to expect when visiting and/or shooting at Shane's Sporting Clays.

When you first arrive at the range you will need to check in at the Range House (follow the path to the back of the house).  There are plenty of visual signs to point you in the right direction.  Once inside you'll be greeted by friendly staff and will need to check out a Counter.  This device is used to electronically launch the clay targets from the traps.  There are counters designed for our course and a different counter designed for the practice and wobble area.  Staff will gladly instruct you on how to use the counter and it's very easy to operate.  



ACTIONS OPEN AT ALL TIMES:  No matter what type of shotgun you use (Pump Action, Over/Under, Side by Side) always, ALWAYS, keep your actions open.  This is a term we use frequently at Shane's Sporting Clays.  We require ALL actions to be open unless you are standing in the designated station area and ready to call for a clay target.  


In firearms terminology, an action is the physical mechanism that manipulates cartridges and/or seals the breech. The term is also used to describe the method in which cartridges are loaded, locked, and extracted from the mechanism. Actions are generally categorized by the type of mechanism used.

In basic terms if you are using an Over/Under or Side by Side shotgun the gun must be broke (or open) when walking the facility or when walking between stations.  Breaking the gun exposes the breech.

In pump action or slide action firearms, a grip called the fore end is manually operated by the user to eject and chamber a new round. Pump actions are predominantly found in shotguns. 

There are no exceptions and don't be surprised if someone asks you to keep your action open if you fail to do so.  In the simplest of terms it is a quick and easy way for other shooters to feel comfortable knowing your firearm is safe.



In Sporting Clays you will never need more than two live rounds in  your firearm at any time.  We require that only two rounds be loaded at a time and those rounds are only to be loaded when you step in to the designated station stand.  Once you have completed the station, then your firearm should contain no live ammunition and you should also have your action open when exiting the station stand.